Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let's Shop Etsy! This time it's.....

Clothes! I knew there would be some wonderful finds here! Let's quickly put together an outfit.

How about this skirt to start. It's called: Hippie Skirt-Peace Terrapin and it's in ArtsinRI.

I actually owned a couple of skirts like this back in the day! Oh, my, the memories it brings back! The lovely look of wonderful vintage!

How about adding this scarf to our outfit?

Wouldn't this wrap look great with the skirt? I found this neon handkerchief shape wrap in Vintageland. It's another great store to explore on Etsy.

Sorry about the change in fonts. I don't know what's causing that.

Here's another great find--Granny Lace Up Boots! You can find these at Swanstrom's Shop on Etsy. Aren't they great. What an outfit we are assembling now!

The next great find is this wonderful wide brimmed hat! I found this at VintageArt Jewelry's Store on Etsy.
Wasn't that fun? I know you can put together some wonderful outfits in either vintage or new. Let me know what you find!


Miss Val's Creations said...

Great posting! I love the scarf & hat!

Pretty Things said...

Those are great! And the boots are super!

For the fonts -- it happens sometimes. You can highlight the font while you're writing, then go to the toolbar and click the "F" to change back to what you want or "I" to un-italicize. That SHOULD take care of it, but Blogger can be flakey.