Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ahhhh! The Bead and Button Show Sara Sally LaGrand's Class

Day 2 of my experience at the Bead and Button Show - Sara Sally LaGrand's Glass Corsage Class. Now, when you see this photo, you might think we had a terrible time in our class. In truth, you would be wrong. i can truthfully say that we had so much fun as a group. Sara faked this photo! She's way too sweet!

was our glass class! Sara smiled the whole time!

Day 1: we made our beads.
Day2: We put together our corsages and our necklaces! Just wait till you see!

Here's a group photo of all our corsages. Can you find mine? Well, if you can't......

Here it is!

Here's my necklace! I love it!
I was stopped by so many people at the Bead and Button Show because they thought it was great! I don't just think it's great, I think it's AMAZING!

This necklace has hardly come off of my neck! I LOVE IT!

More tomorrow on the B & B Show!


Nell Stanley said...

Mallory: That is so awesome. I saw the class for that also. If i could have attended, I would have been in that class with you. Yours turned out so beautiful. Did you make the necklace part also? What is it?

kelleysbeads said...

My aunt took this class of Sara's in Phoenix not too long ago and absolutely loved it. She said Sara was THE best! I'm so glad you got to take her class, too :)

TesoriTrovati said...

I did see this in person and it is AWESOME! I can't believe that you can do things like that with glass and wire. I was impressed. And it was great to meet Mallory! Enjoy the day! Erin

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Ah, I can testify that the necklace is absolutely grand...if not LaGrand. Just like Sara Sally and Mallory. I had a great time roomie!

Manuela said...

Oh wow, what a happy lucky girl you are ☺, that´s great and I am sure you had a wonderful time there.
I love Sara´s work and your´s turned out so beautiful.

Hugs to you, it´s a long time I was here, sorry ... my life was a little bit busy the last weeks,

xxxoxxx Manuela