Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Wanna' see mine? It's all around the house!

I've expanded a bit this year. I've cut back on the number of plants in my table top garden, but I've actually expanded my garden. This mini garden has two tomato plants, one lemon balm, one rosemary, and one basil. I can hardly wait to start picking the herbs and tomatoes!

This plant is huge! It took the place of a small bush that died over the winter. Next photo will show one of the tomatoes on it! Stay tuned!

That tomato needs to turn red soon!
See the roses behind it? That rose bush needs trimming!

I have this patio tomato on the side of the house. It actually has 3 tomatoes on it. You just can't see them. I am so looking forward to the red color. Ooops! See the little elm tree there? That needs to come out.

In the back, there's the rhubarb! 4 plants are still thriving back there! Delicious!

On the other side of the yard are 3 more tomato plants, but they aren't thriving like the ones in the front. We'll see what happens!

Something has been munching on my zucchini. I didn't think any critter would come into our yard with Pixie there to guard it!

The pumpkins are starting to grow. I bought some of the tiny, sweet ones! I can hardly wait!

The cucumbers like where they were planted. I can hardly wait to harvest the first ones! They are moving all over the place. I planted 3 different kinds in one hill. We'll see what happens with them.

So, that's it for now. How does your garden grow?

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