Saturday, June 19, 2010

Memories Found

I was cleaning out old photos of people who don't belong there any more. As I cleaned, I found this. I don't know how old Jenny was when she gave this to me. I am so glad that I saved it! It wasn't even in my "Treasures" box. Talk about memories. We both laughed as we read it!

Page 2:
1. We have the best time when we: go shopping together. (We should do that more often.)

2. My mom looks prettiest when: she and my dad go someplace (That's so sweet!)

3. My mom is the greatest because: she loves me.
(And don't you or Nick forget it!)

4. My mom makes the best: lasagna. (I didn't know that!)

5. I always laugh when my mom: gets the dog to have a spaz attack. (That was fun!)

Think about the nicest time you've had with your mother:
When my dad and my brother left to our station wagon.
(That was fun!)

Page 3: A Poem

Marvelous at "mostly" everything. (She said mostly.)
Occupation as a teachers aide.
Taste in clothes is good. (We laughed at that one!)
Her work at home is appreciated.
Everyone loves her.
Right "nearly" all the time. (Notice she said nearly.)

What memories!


Pretty Things said...

I keep treasure boxes, for each grade, and I'm so happy I do. And I still have certain things on the fridge and walls from several years ago. They make me alternately happy and weepy at the same time!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Awwww, don't you just love that stuff!