Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cool Bead Roller

Well, here it is. It's my new toy from CG Beads, and I LOVE IT!

This amazing tool makes small ribbed stubby bicones! Now, I think I'm going to have to order the stubby bicone maker. This is just one amazing tool!

How about some photos of beads I made with this tool? All right, I'll show you!

These were my first experiments with this bead roller. Not bad for a beginner.

I made this set today, and I love it! The small beads are just the perfect size for earrings or spacers. The focal is a small one that would be perfect for a pendant. Put them together and you have a great looking bracelet.
Look for this soon in my Etsy store and make sure you visit Donna at CG Beads.


Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Bead rollers are just great!

Christine said...

Oh man, I covet those beadrollers! Soon as I have some extra $$, I am getting some! Nice beads! It looks like you did a great job with the roller!

Copper Diem said...

very cool! Love the texture!

KnuttandKnott said...

These are very cool! Thought I'd share with you a simple inexpensive way to get quick ribbed beads without marver etc. My husband is an iron worker and brings me home things I might use in bead making. He brought me a bag of stainless steel nuts of various sizes. While it wouldn't work for all shapes, I found I can get some slick ribbed beads rolling the glass through the inside of the nut turning it as you would the bolt. Stainless steel is expensive yet I think just regular hardware store nuts would work as well. I so appreciate your sharing as I live in a rather remote area & it has really inspired my creativity!