Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Start of Another Season

I listened to the weather forecast during the 6 PM news tonight. Our low is predicted to 40 degrees. It's the first week of September! Cooler weather is returning to the south central part of Minnesota.

When I got up this morning, I realized that it was dark outside. I was actually shocked. I didn't think the mornings would be dark yet. There was a hint of light and red on the horizon, but last month, on this date, it was light.

The change of seasons has begun. It's time to begin the clean up outdoors. Trees and bushes need to be trimmed. Leaves will soon need to be raked. The last of the tomatoes and cucumbers will soon be picked.

Jeans need to be brought out of the closet to see if they shrunk while in the closet this summer. (I don't know why that happens!) Long sleeved tees and sweaters need to be washed for use. Where did I put that sweatshirt? Spring and Summer clothes need to be packed away. Windows need to be washed. The garage needs to be cleaned out!

It's that time again. Cool weather preceding the snow and cold. I'm ready for the change. This year, I really am.


Sharon Driscoll said...

It sounds like you are ready, willing, and able. And, if you've got that kind of energy going on get in the car and get over here becasue I don't think I can find the sweatshirt and my dust bunnies are having babies AGAIN. Hugs to you Miss Mallory!

rosebud101 said...

Lol! I didn't say I had that kind of energy, I just said these things needed to be done! I wish I could afford a housekeeper!

Tara P. said...

Beautiful picture! I have some great sunset pictures but waking up to see the sunrise is impossible for me! I'm from southeast Minnesota originally, and I feel like I would have known that picture was taken in Minnesota even if I hadn't known!