Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspiration an Exercise in Creativity

What these photos really are doesn't matter.
I took them using a small toy that breaks up and multiplies what you see.
My question is: What do you think when you see these photos?
This then becomes an exercise in creativity.
In the first photo, I see dawn. It's that soft light before the light of day

Here I see a cityscape at dusk. The buildings begin to be enveloped in the dark.
The sky is pale as the earth is swallowed in the night.

This reminds me of a soft jacket I used to own. It's not, but I remember
the quilted jacket and how lovely it was!
I used to enjoy wearing it.

Here I see a cathedral window with the sun flaking through
the stained glass windows.
Each panel has a meaning.
This window reflects the heart of the window.

Here I see candles burning in a church.
A blue fire escapes from the candles
with it's flames shooting up beyond the parameters of the
field of candles.

This photo reminds me of my faded jeans.
The colors range from dark to light blue
as they do in my jeans,
even the tight ones!

Here I see a cells with their nuclei and other parts
interacting as they begin to divide.

Now, I'm interested.
What do you see?
Can you use these photos in your form of artistic expression
whether it's bead making,
quilting, metal smithing, jewelry making,
painting, designing.

1 comment:

TesoriTrovati said...

Very intriguing inspiration, Mallory! I love those little light refractor things. The little worlds that you see remind me so much of possibilities. I love the stained glass effect and the one that looks like candles. That first one reminded me of a lunar eclipse that happened sometime last year.
Thanks for seeing the little things.
Enjoy the day!