Monday, September 13, 2010

PaulaNC I love her Etsy Stores!

Look what came in the mail on the same day I received my newbie box! I had ordered these from Paula last week, and with MUCH encouragement from me, she had them out in the mail that day! (I think she just got tired of me calling her and asking if she had mailed them yet. You wouldn't think anyone would get upset about a 5 AM call!)

Paula makes wonderful lampwork beads, but I have come to see her emerging talent in the area of enameling! These earrings are a result of her skill! I love them, and they are mine! Yahooo!

Paula has two Etsy stores. The first one she opened was for the purpose of selling her lampwork beads. It's called Island Top Glass Art. Take a look at her beads! They are truly awesome!!!!!

Her second store was a natural progression of her talent. In this store, Island Top Gems, Paula showcase her jewelry. Now, Paula does have her lampwork bead jewelry, and you can check that out when you visit her store, but now I want you to see her enameling work!

Look at this beautiful angel! She's in Paula's new store. Isn't she amazing? Paula takes a plain piece of copper, shapes it into something like this angel, and then she enamels her piece! Wow! This is one beautiful angel!

I love these earrings too! They are also in Paula's shop! Paula blends colors and fires them in her kiln! You really need to ask her about her work with enamels. I strongly suggest you do, too.

Oh, and see this angel? It was in my "Newbie box." Thank you, Paula, I love it!!!!!!

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Paula said...

Your a sweetie!!! Thank you for featuring my enamels on your blog.