Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shopping Etsy

Search word: Greyhounds

I found A Little Stubborn Greyhound shopping Etsy.
Isn't this greyhound sweet, and how many times have I see this look from Pixie? Many, many times! I found this print in ElleJW's shop on Etsy. She has so many great dog and cat prints there. You will want to have a good look in her shop!

Every greyhound owner knows you need at least one sweater for your dog to help them get through the cool fall nights and the cold winter nights. Here's a pdf pattern so that you can make your own. This pattern comes with a pattern for a snood, too, to keep their ears and heads warm. I found this pattern in aandboriginalsdogs store on Etsy. There are some great patterns there for dogs of all sizes!

How about these great greyhound earrings? I love them! I found them in Chevre Feuille's shop on Etsy. She's got some great items in her shop, and they are not just greyhound items. Check it out!

I have to show you what I just ordered for Pixe---------------->
It's a smoking hot collar from The Hounds' Closet on Etsy. They specialize in the Martingale collar which is best suited for greyhounds. We can both play with fire! Don't you just love it!

Last, but not least, is my princess: Miss Pixie Marie. She'd love all of these items, but I know that she will especially love her new collar!

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