Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bangles, Bangles and More Bangles!

I've always wanted to wear bangles!
I've never been able to fit into any.
I could not get them over my palm.
My palm is way too big!
I've learned that my palms are oversized because I took piano lessons as a kid and stretched them out.
So, I've decided to make bangles to fit me.
I've begun to work with polymer clay.
I made these bangles in muted tones.
(I can't believe I used muted colors!  However, I do like them!)
These bangles have a wooden look.

Bangles for Xmas wear!

Bangles using my favorite color combo--red and purple.
Why so many?
These are actually my prototypes.
I plan to drill them, add dangles, paint them, and any thing else I can do to make a unique bangle.
In the meantime,
I will enjoy these bangles that fit over my palm.

What is your favorite type of jewelry?
Are you able to wear it without altering it?
I'd love to hear from you!


Kim, USA said...

I really love the colors!

What Am I

Nadege, said...

Love your colored bangles.

T... said...

beautiful bangles great colours

Annette said...

Oh, such great colors and shapes. I love the muted colors in the first photo. I'm a big girl so I usually have to add extenders to a bracelet or necklace. I've never been able to wear bangles either!

Karen Dorcas, Artist said...

very colorful indeed; and nice close ups. kareninkenai (i heart macro)

Sharyl said...

Looks like you've been creative in several ways! Your jewelry and your photography!

I love the look of bangles on other people but never found them very comfortable to wear. They seem hard (yours look much more comfy!), and I have the opposite problem, I'm always needing to hold my fingers out so they don't fall off! I've given up and now find that cuffs work better if I'm going to wear something that's not really flexible.

I do hope you enjoy your new bangle creations!

Charlene said...

I like the christmas ones. they look like candy.