Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easy Peasy Tutorial - Making Earrings from Scratch Tutorial

I made these earrings in about 15 minutes while I was talking to my cousin in Albuquerque on the phone.
She didn't understand the reason I had to pound while I was talking to her!
All right,
here's what you do!

I used 18 gauge copper wire.
Before you do anything else, check to see if the beads you have chosen to use will fit this wire.
If you go any smaller in the wire, you won't be able to form a paddle at the bottom or top.
The beads I made were made on 1/16" mandrels.
cut 1.5 inches of 18 gauge copper wire, art wire, brass wire, or silver wire.

Using a hammer and bench block, hammer one end of each wire until a paddle forms.  Be careful not to pound too much or the wire will become too thin and break off.
Be sure to file the ends smooth.  I use an emery board.  File in a forward direction only.
Add the beads to make sure they won't fall through the end.  If the beads fall through, take the beads off the wire, and hammer them until there is more flare in the wire.

Hammer the top ends of the wire so that they flare out too.

Make a loop at the top of the wire.
Wait!!!  Screech!!!!  Put on the brakes!!!  Don't make the same mistake I did.  I had to go back to step one here because I forgot to add the crystals.
Screech!  Brakes!  Hold on!
Add the crystals to the wire, then you pound the top end of the wire and make a loop at the top of the wire.

Add the ear wires of your choice!
Easy Peasy.
See the photo at the top of the page!
These make great gifts or use them for yourself.
Check out my Etsy store for beads that you can use.
If the beads you choose are not as big as the ones shown here, all you have to do is to adjust the length of wire you use.
It's just a goo idea to start with 1.5 inches of wire.
I hope you use and enjoy this tutorial!!


Christine said...

So easy & they look great!! Thanks!

Maggie said...

Mallory, I can just imagine talking to you on the phone and wondering what in the world you were up to. Thanks for always being so generous to your followers.