Wednesday, November 2, 2011

La Dia de Los Muertos - The Day of the Dead Celebration

Today is the second day of the celebration,
La Dia de Los Muertos,
(the day of the dead).
Although this celebration has spread to other parts of the world,
it began in Mexico.
These two days,
November 1
(All Saints Day)
November 2
(All Souls Day)
are set aside in Mexico
to remember and pray for the dead.
The celebrations vary,
usually, the favorite foods and drinks of the dead are served to family members.  Sugar skulls are also added to the mix to remember the dead.
Time is set aside to pray for the dead.
Trips to the cemetery as part of the rituals of the days.
I chose to join in this celebration this year by making and wearing my
La Dia de Los Muertos necklace.
I hope, besides the prayers I have offered up for the dead, I honor the dead by wearing my necklace.
I'll only wear it three times a year.
I wear it on Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. Tomorrow, I will visit the cemetery.

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Denise Price said...

Cool necklace and cool post, Mallory. I just wanted to bring one tiny thing to your attention. It's actually "el dia," not "la dia." Most Spanish words ending in the letter a do take the feminine article "la," but "dia" is an exception to that rule.

You can take the woman out of her language teacher job, but you can't take the language teacher out of the woman. :)

Feel free not to actually post this comment on your blog. This just seemed like the quickest way to get the info about "dia" to you.