Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Easy Peasy Tutorial - Swiffer Cloth aka dishcloth aka bath and beauty cloth - crocheted

If you read my blog yesterday, 
you saw this photo of my new Swiffer cover cloth aka dishcloth aka bath and beauty cloth.
If you have basic crochet skills,
you can make it in an afternoon.
Here's how you do it, and here's what you need.
First of all, you will need a crochet hook.
I used a size N only because it was the only one I could find at the time.
You can use other sizes, you just have to adjust the length and number of rows you use to make your cloth.
You will also need 100% cotton yarn - one skein.

Begin by making a slip knot on your crochet hook.

Chain 31 chains.
Skip the first chain.  Make one single crochet stitch in each chain until you reach the end.
It should look something like this photo, but not necessarily exactly.
Chain one.  Turn.  Make one single crochet in each single crochet until you get to the end of the row.
Chain one.  Turn.  Repeat until you have, approximately, 35 rows.
Rather than rely on my numbers, check to see if your cloth will fit your Swiffer. 
It should be a little bit big to allow for shrinkage when you wash it.
If you are not making a Swiffer cover, simply make your cloth as big or as small as you would like it.
That's it!
Here's the final cloth.

Another Swiffer cover/dishcloth/bath and beauty cloth!
Notice how little I had left of the skein. 
Save your scraps to make another Swiffer cover with the leftovers.
Now, wasn't that easy peasy?


Beadwright said...

My daughter makes these for me. They are the best dish cloths ever.
Thanks for sharing

Kimberly said...

THANK YOU for posting a tutorial. I have actually bought some of these on etsy since I dont know how to crochet and they work wonderfully. Would love for you to share at my new linky party: