Monday, January 2, 2012

Things That Are Red

Wanna' see some red?
I have red in my Etsy store.

All right, so these beads aren't JUST red.  They are red and purple!
That's my favorite color combination right now!
I think that these beads are some of my favorites!

Now, these beads ARE red!
With the exception of the fine silver wire I used to make droplets, they are a beautiful cherry red!
Love them.

How about this heart?
It's red with dots.
Again, I used my favorite colors of red and purple. 
Dang it!  I love those colors!

Please ignore the dog hair in this photo!  :)
These pod headpins have a beautiful red in the set!

 These flowers are red!
All right, they have purple in them, too!  
They're still pretty!

What other red can you find?


Therese's Treasures said...

They are all beautiful even with the purple! My favorite are the Cherry red and silver beads.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Nice red choices! Are you enjoying the snow? We finally got hit with it - ACK.

rosebud101 said...

Thank you, ladies!!!