Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tips for Staying Healthy During the Cold and Flu Season

As I researched how to stay healthy during cold and flu season, a bit late for me, I found one theme kept coming up, no matter which site I was visiting.  That is the theme of:  Proper Hand Washing.
The other tips were pretty much standard:
1) Get enough rest.
2) Eat Properly.
3) Exercise.
I think we are all familiar with these as they fit into a healthy life style no matter what time of year it is.
Of course, the issue of hand washing is very important, too, since we all carry germs on our hands.  There is a proper way to wash your hands.  Sometimes, you might just stick your hands under running water and hope that this oblation takes care of the germs on your hands.  Stop!  No, it doesn't!  That is a simple rinse that you might want to use just to get a bit of the grime off before you really wash your hands.  I've actually seen doctors and nurses do this.  However, to properly wash your hands you must use soap, water, and time.  Yes, time, that is of the utmost importance to get the germs off your hands.

To properly wash your hands, begin by running your hands under water to wet them.  Using a bar of soap or liquid soap as I do, lather your hands, back and front, and scrub them outside the stream of water for 20 seconds.  This might be very hard on the little ones, but you might get them to sing a nursery rhyme or a song like Happy Birthday.  That will take care of the time factor.  After scrubbing your hands outside the stream of water, put your hands under the water and rinse, both back and front sides of your hands.  Dry with a clean towel.

That should take care of it.  You will have clean hands.

When you can't wash your hands properly, or you want to ensure your hands are clean, follow the wash with a hand sanitizer.  You can purchase these at almost any store now in the carry on size or the gigantic bottles!  If you like, you can even make your own.  Here's a recipe for making your own hand sanitizer that I found on about. come. 

I'm still down with a nasty infection.  I wish I didn't have it.  Perhaps if I had kept my hands more clean, I wouldn't be sick.  However, life happens, but there are ways to make it better for you.  I hope this helps.  See you soon with beads, I  hope!


Beadwright said...

Good advice. Hope you are feeling better

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Nicole!