Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Playing with a New IPhone App and Having Fun!

Yesterday I downloaded an IPhone App called 
Snap & Sketch.
I have been enjoying this app A LOT!!!
What this app does is to take a photo in your library that you choose and turn that photo into a sketch.
You options are:
Pencil, Charcoal, or Crayon.
Take a look at what I did with this new app.
It's Pixie drinking water.

Now, here are 3 changes to the same photo of Jenny and Nick.

This is the pencil sketch.

This is the crayon sketch.

This is the charcoal sketch.

I think I like the crayon sketches the best.
Here's my favorite!
I think that speaks for itself!!!


Maggie said...

Amazing what you can do with a phone these days! Cute family photos, you all must laugh loads. Well, that or you still embarrass your kids. Someone on my tour took pics of people sleeping on the coach with her iPhone and had an app to add Santa hats and whatnots, like stickers. Glad she never caught me!

Therese's Treasures said...

Just one word, COOL!!!