Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Heart Macro! Fun Gift

Tomorrow is a friend's birthday.
Here's what I'm giving her.
If you think she might see it here, 
don't worry.
She doesn't read my blog.
She told me once that it was just "one more thing to do."
She doesn't get it.
I do!
I Heart Macro!!!


K Hutchinson said...

What a beautiful gift! I love the fun colors! Some people just don't get it! UGH! Happy New Year!

T... said...

what a fun all the colours

kareninkenai said...

very cool; she will love your BD gift. And, the red beads are absolutely fab. thanks for sharing and happy new year. (visiting from i heart macro) karen

rosebud101 said...

I can say things like this about her because she never reads my blog. I have to admit, other than the Xmas letter, most of my friends do not read my blog even though they know I have it. Go figure! Oh, well, and she did love the card!