Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Marcy, Lauren and Nikki Day! They are 3 of my 10,000 favorite bead makers, but they are at the top of the list for sculptural glass bead artists!

It's Nikki, Marcy and Lauren Day!
Join me as we look at their shops and some of their work!
These 3 ladies are my absolute favorite sculptural glass bead artists on Etsy, but don't tell anyone I said that!
Let's start with Marcy of Studio Marcy.
Have you met her Honey Badger?
Isn't he sweet?

Look at this adorable owl that Lauren of MayBeads made?
Isn't he sweet?
Here's the link to MayBeads on Etsy.

 Nikki is the Sheep Goddess!
Look at the great sheep she makes!
Here's the link for NLC Beads on Etsy!

Now, get going.  There's a lot more to see in these stores!
If you've enjoyed this, and I know you did,
you'll want to see more!
Now, off with you!


Maybeads said...

Thank you so much, Mallory! To be grouped with Marcy and Nikki is a huge compliment! I love the honey badger!! My son has been after me to make one - I have to show him Marcy's. And Nikki's sheep are the best!

Marcy Lamberson said...

Hi Mallory, thanks for making "my day"! I love being with Lauren and Nikki too. Lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing your Honey Badger.

Nikki / NLC Beads said...

I'm in such fine company! Thanks for including me, I'm honored. :)

Laney said...

I think you have just listed my favourite beady artists too!! Lovely blog read. Laney x