Monday, March 19, 2012

Perfect 5th Position

When I was young, and I took ballet, I always wanted to be able to develop a perfect 5th position, that is, feet next to each other with toes pointed in opposite directions.  Perfect 5th position.

I remember, it took a very long time, but, eventually, I was able to achieve perfect 5th position.  That was a day I literally danced with my heart and soul.

The other day, my feet were aching.  I took off my shoes and tossed them up the stairs from the bottom.  I climbed up the stairs, and guess what, perfect fifth position!  I never thought it would be so easy!

I danced, again, with my heart and soul!

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Anonymous said...

LOL - I took ballet when I was a kid. I think i was proud when I could do the third one. Penquins have always appealed to me. :-)