Monday, March 5, 2012

Updates in my Etsy Store!

Yes, this is a commercial, but I think it's one you might enjoy!
I've added some things to my Etsy store!
 I've started to make headpins again.  I thought I'd try for a bit of humor to lighten up the end of winter.
How about some bacon and eggs?
This really looks great to me!
What would you do with these?  I'm thinking charms or earrings.
If you're thinking of going on vacation to a theme park or two,
how about some mouse ears?
These even have roses on them!

For my lampworking friends, I have a lot of new shards including these.

These flower buds are my favorites!  You can check them out in my store.
I have a new section in my shop called Earring Pairs.
Check it out!

I love these discs!
The frit I used reminds me of a verdigris patina on metal!
These are OOAK!

Okay, the tour is over!  Hope your day brings you much joy and happiness!

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Anonymous said...

Mallory _ I'm wiriting this and I know it's not going to go into youir site and it's making me insane. I want to trade you a pair of bazinga's for a bacon and eggs.