Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nick!!!!!

He another year older!
That's my sweet little boy!

My little boy who went around to all the neighbors telling them that I couldn't have any more babies.
When asked why, he said, "Because I'm her baby!"
Silly neighbors didn't understand!

My sweet little boy who loved his Superman Underwear more than anything else in the world!
We knew he'd grow up to be a Superman!!

My little boy who grew to tower over all of us!

My little boy who loved his dogs so much and they loved him, too!!

My little boy who grew into an amazing man who loves his family!

My little boy who is a man with a beautiful smile and so much love in his heart!!!

Happy Birthday, Nick!

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Monique U. said...

How can the years have flown by so swiftly? Seems like only yesterday my little boys were playing in the yard, and suddenly they have taken wing. That's motherhood: working ourselves out of a job! Hope Nick had a marvellous day!