Friday, July 20, 2012

Forgiveness is Pushed to the Limits Today

I'm so sad.  One man, although considered innocent until proven guilty,
was identified as the shooter who killed at least 11 people and sent 50 to the hospital with gunshot wounds.  Then he told police that he had booby trapped his apartment with bombs.  He was telling the truth.  Sick!  Sick!  Sick!

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.  His evil will have ramifications for years to come.  However, we must forgive.

What is forgiveness?  Is it saying "That's okay.  We'll get together and have dinner?"  Absolutely NOT!!!
Forgiveness is letting go of the anger.  We have to realize that God will be the shooter's judge and will deal with him justly.  What he did was evil and wrong.  There is nothing that will justify his actions.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  He did so much harm to innocent people.  His victims will suffer. 

So, now, as a country, we must surround his victims with love and prayers for healing.  Sadly, we also have to pray for the shooter.  May he find peace.  He will be a hated man for the rest of his life.  That is never good.  So, once that's done, let's lift the victims up to God for healing.  May they find peace.  May those who died rest in God's Loving Peace. 

I'm still sad.  I wish there were more that I could do. 


rosemarie h. said...

This is a beautiful sentiment about a horrible situation, Mallory.

Monique U. said...

Whenever something like this happens, I am always shocked yet again. In our western society, supposedly with so many resources at our disposal, why are we so inept at preventing these tragedies? This act was not perpetrated by someone ignorant of the consequences; rather, he seems to have been a highly educated grad student. How can we be failing to identify and help these troubled individual? How can we continue to turn a blind eye to the pain and social isolation that MUST be present for these acts to occur? My thoughts and prayers are of course with the unfortunate victims of this horrific attack, and their families. But I fervently pray also, that we as fellow humans in a distressed world, we will have the courage to help our brothers and sisters find the healing they need, and prevent any more such horrifying occurrences.