Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So, Do Your Friends Read Your Blog?

I know we have made and maintain some wonderful friendships over the internet. 
I cherish these friendships!
However, we all have family friends whom we see frequently in person.
My question does not apply to our online friends and family.
I'm talking about our friends that we see and touch and are near physically and not separated by a monitor.
Do your Friends read your blog?
Mine don't.
One friend, when I suggested she read my blog, told me,
and she's retired,
"That would be one more thing to do."
Now, when it comes to my Christmas newsletter, if someone wants to read about our year, they have to read my blog.
That's the only time.
Trust me.
I'm not complaining about this, but I am curious.
Do your family and friends read your blog?
Please let me know.


Shirley said...

Most of them don't even know I have a blog, but the ones that do know, have never posted a comment, or said anything to me about the blog, so I'll have to say no. And that's ok, I didn't really start it for them, I started it for me, and have found a entire family of friends online through my blog, so it makes me happy. :)

Kokopelli said...

My family does not read my blog, as the know my work "personally" and know what I do. Some frineds do, some do not read my blog, depending on how much they like my work or are interested in it. Most of them also know lots of my work, so they do not read, but look at it in reality.

Roberta said...

No. They do not. Sigh......

Copper Diem said...

My MIL reads it regularly, and one friend from work. That's it that I know of.

Monique U. said...

Mallory, your question is timely: until today I didn't have a blog. I admit giving a lot of thought to whether I would actually WANT friends and family reading my blog. I actually feel my blog will be a focus for me, not necessarily written for a particular audience. So I guess my answer would be, I'm fine with it if personal friends give it a pass. It does seem sad that your retired friend couldn't have found a nicer way to say "no thanks".

Sharon Driscoll said...

I think the only one out of the three children read the blog - she says it's the only way she can "keep up" with Mom. LOL. But for the most part I've also never seen a comment from a friend, so I'd have to say no too. But then, I never really made any kind of public announcement - I'm not sure they were ever the ones I wanted to read the was for me and my arty friends.

Courtney said...

I have to laugh at the timing of this! :) I think maybe one or two MIGHT, but not my immediate family (mom, sisters, etc) Oh well.

shelly said...

my friends know i have a blog... they just aren't interested... my family knows, too...they don't, either.. that's probably good bc i write about my family sometimes... i don't care if my friends read it or not... i showed it to my sister and she read a couple of posts while visiting... hasn't been back on it. it's ok! i don't mind..