Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All right! A bit more on my Hate Love Relationship with Kumihimo

I realized yesterday that I was turning my disc the wrong way.  It seemed logical at the time.  If I was turning my disc the wrong way, shouldn't the bead go on top instead of on the bottom?
Well, I made this braid with beads doing just that.
Take a look.

 Guess I was wrong.
The bead still needs to go under the thread instead of over.
Oh, well!
I do like this braid, though.  I'm not going to take it apart.
I will make a bracelet out of it.
Stay tuned.  More kumihimo next week. 
Maybe, I'll get it right yet!!


Monique U. said...

That's part of the appeal of handmade, isn't it? Every piece is unique... one person's work is unlike anyone else's... and sometimes we get a great surprise by doing a technique "wrong". That's how we discover new methods. I think your weave looks great, sort of like a net filled with treasures!

Andaira said...

Yo he hecho muy poco Kumihimo, pero a ver si te puede ayudar esto
Sobretodo, cuando estés cruzando los hilos, haz que la labor tenga un peso, para que todos los puntos salgan iguales.
I have done little Kumihimo, but see if you can help this http://pinterest.com/andaira/kumihimo/
Especially when you're crossing the wires, make the work has a weight, so that all points out the same.
Sorry, but I have to use the translator and I'm not sure of the translation