Monday, July 9, 2012

I Hate Beaded Kumihimo, but I LOVE it!!!

If you've followed my blog for a while, 
you will remember a few posts about beaded kumihimo, the garbage can, and elevated levels of stress!
I LOVE the look of beaded kumihimo!
I hate the stress and my inability to make beautiful beaded braids.
Well, the times they are a changing!
 It's not perfect, but it is a braid!

I'm not sure what I did wrong so that the threads show.
If you can help me, please leave a comment!

All I can say is that it is a start!!!

Stay tuned!!


Maggie said...

I like it with the threads showing and thought it was supposed to look that way. Pretty me colors!

Monique U. said...

I am SO not a beader, but I love the work of others. I actually like your Beaded Kumihimo a lot, and I think visible cording adds to the look. If I ever try beading it will be with Czech Picasso beads in sizes I can actually SEE without magnification LOL.

Michelle W said...

In order for none of the strings to show, you need to put beads on all the strands you use. Then when you move one of the strands, you drop a bead and then tuck it under the string the you are going over. Does that make any sense? You want the bead that you drop to go as close to the center as possible. And you have to make sure that that beads doesn't come out from under that strand. Hope this helps

Andaira said...

No te preocupes, creo que te ha quedado genial, y si hay un pequeño fallo, no se nota si no lo dices. Con el Kumihimo tienes que estar muy atenta al hilo que toca mover, y tú lo has intentado con bolitas, que es mucho más complicado. Enhorabuena porque la pulsera se ve preciosa.
Do not worry, I think you have been great, and if there is a small mistake is not noticed unless you say it. With the Kumihimo have to be very careful to thread the move, and you've tried it with beads, which is much more complicated. Congratulations for the bracelet is beautiful

TJewellicious by tanti said...

Wow... Beautifull necklace...
How you can do everything? ^_^

Marylou said...

I love your bracelet and would like to make one like it. How many threads did you use and how many threads did you put beads on? It was the purple cord one.

Marylou said...

I love your bracelet. Would like to make one. How many purple threads did you use and how many threads did you put beads on?


rosebud101 said...

Hi, Marylou, I used 8 cords and put, approximately 30 beads per cord.