Monday, August 12, 2013

And the Garden Only Caught Fire Once....

I love my new torch!
It's brand new, and it's not made for beads, but I think if I were desperate,
it would be difficult, but I could make some beads on it.
Maybe not, but my regular torch works just fine for now.
this torch is made for burning weeds.
I had so many weeds coming up in the cracks of my driveway that even my lawn care guy was spraying for weeds in the grass,
he sprayed my driveway for weeds.
The weeds have been mocking me for years.
I've tried the "natural" products.
HOT vinegar and LOTS of salt.
The weeds just laughed and grew back.
I poured on industrial strength weed killer.
You had to be careful because when you used this product, 
nothing would grow in that spot for years.
The weeds just laughed and mocked the weed killer.
That did it.
I saw my neighbor with this magnificent torch
firing up his weeds.
When he did, they were gone.  
They did not mock the torch.
They were burned,
I bought a new torch.
I burned those weeds,
the garden only caught on fire 
I was happy!


Babette said...

I absolutely LOVE reading your BLOG. You make me smile every day! Never EVER saw a torch like that before... so glad your weeds are burnt up and that you are not burnt up.

Sharon Driscoll said...

LOL - You're a beast Hoffman - and absolute beast. And, I thought you should know that those torches are some times used for glass. Sometimes the hot glass blowers or people who fuse really larger pieces in the kiln and want to hand rake some spots - they blast them to do that or sometimes the glass blowers use them to heat spots or reheat a piece they are working on. But I really like the idea of burning up those weeds.

Celeste Kemmerer said...

Oh, yes! Weed burners! I have a friend who has one...I may borrow it, if I can't get my weeds under control.