Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Words of Blessing

Wikipedia defines the word blessing in this way:

The infusion of or bestowing of something with holiness, spiritual redemption, divine will, or one's hope or approval.

So, no matter how you define the word, in secular or divine terms, a blessing is a gift of love from one person to another or from God to a human being. 

"Love never Fails."

Here are some of my favorite words of blessing:

God Bless You.
I love you.
May you be blessed.
For you
I give you my love.
I hold you in my heart.
I am with you always.
I hope you feel better.
Let me hold you.
I give you my heart.
I want to help you.
May I help you.
Listen to me.
May I help you find a seat?
May I carry that for you?
How was your day?
Let's do this together.
Are you all right?
My heart is in your heart.
I will never forget you.

What are some of your favorite words of blessing?


TesoriTrovati said...

As you wish.

From my favorite movie, The Princess Bride.

Enjoy the day!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I still love my childhood favorite, the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5), and all its variants in hymns :)