Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I got to meet Jean Baruch from Beads of Courage!!!!!

Here we are with Malcolm Potek in his studio in
Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Jean is a dynamo of energy and ideas!
We had a great time making beads and enjoying the company.
Do you remember Hannah?

She was there, too, and she not only brought her beads from 
Hannah joined us in making beads!
It was a great time!

My dear Bead Maker friends,
you can see Hannah's strands, 
and she has an entire basket full of beads now.
The beads for kids are well used and appreciated!

to learn how to donate to 
Beads of Couage!
Look under 

More later on my beads.
In the meantime,
always remember,
with Jean,
resistance is

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