Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Holly Dare - Artist, Promoter of the Arts, Blogger--Well, You Name it, she does it!

Until I started writing this blog today, I hadn't realized that I had not "liked" Holly's fan page on Facebook.  So, to make up for lost time, I "liked" her page, and you can do the same.  Click
HERE to go to her page, and be sure to like it!!!  I really do like Holly and her work.  She makes beautiful beads!  Look at this heart on your right.  Isn't that lovely?

I found this fun pumpkin bead on Holly's fan page on Facebook.  The link is in the last paragraph.  Go and buy it while you can!!!

I found these cool spacers in Holly's Etsy store.
and you can check out her store!  I really like what she has in her store.  Time to run, not walk, to the site and buy some of Holly's fabulous creations! before they are all gone!

Yet, another place to find Holly!  She's got a great website called Holly's Folly.  Click

to visit her site and see the beautiful beads she has listed there!

Holly is, literally, all over the place!!!

It's a good thing!  I love her beads!!!  Check out each of her sites, and I think you will LOVE her beads, too.

But, wait!!!!  There's more!!!

Holly has not one, but two blogs!  One is a bead making blog and the other is a writing blog.  Actually, she has three blogs, and we will talk a little bit more about the third blog in a bit.

Here's the link to Holly's Bead and Jewelry Blog.  Click
to reach that site.

And that's not all!!!  
Here's the link to Holly's Creek Hiker Blog.  Click

to reach that site.

And wait, that's not all!!!!
Tomorrow, we are going to talk about a third blog that Holly developed.
It's called
Glass Beads Daily.
to reach that site!

Tomorrow, Holly will be my guest blogger.  She's going to tell us how she developed the Glass Bead Daily blog.  She's quite a woman!

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CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Mallory, Can you feel me blushing????

Thanks so very much!!! I really appreciate the kind words!