Monday, November 11, 2013

Why I like Bead Artists Who Really Make Their Own Beads, in other words, BUY TRULY HANDMADE THIS SEASON!

Let me just give you some examples.

Nikki makes the greatest lizards and, of course, her sheep!

Here's the link to Nikki's shop.

Here's the link to the lizard.

Lauren makes Dinos for Diabetes.  The proceeds from these Dinos go to the Diabetes Research Institute.

Aren't lampworkers great people?

Here's the link for this dino.

Here's the link for Maybeads on Etsy.

Then there's Marcy of Studio Marcy on Etsy.
I love her great glass sculptures!
Here's the link to Studio Marcy on Etsy.
Here's the Link to She Dreams of Being outside.

Aren't they great!  Shop Handmade!  There really are stores on Etsy that do feature HANDMADE!  I can guarantee these gals make their own bead!

Shop Handmade on Etsy for reals!

1 comment:

Maybeads said...

Thanks, Mallory! I agree - truly handmade is the way to go!!!