Monday, November 4, 2013

New Treasury on Etsy

This has been an issue on Etsy for a long time now.  I think the statement, "Handmade Has Died on Etsy," bears some thought.  Etsy's policies on what is handmade have changed.  Now, a design idea qualifies for handmade even if the materials and skills to make a product are outsourced and factory made.  Importers reign on Etsy now from handmade glass beads,
to necklaces as shown in the treasury.  What to do?

I would ask you that, with the holiday season rushing in on us, to as sure as you possibly can that any product you buy be handmade.  What are some of the clues to search for?

When someone states that they are a store with employees or family members who help to make said product, question that.  There are some stores that are still handmade who do have a true family business.  Just be careful. 

Look at the product.  Would it be reasonable for a 110 pound woman to  handle and put together the product, such as furniture, that is being shown as handmade.  Sometimes, it is. 

Check to see if there are, like in the treasury, many of the identical products in other stores.  Most likely, it's imported.

Check the price.  When you see handmade lampwork beads in strands selling for $3.99.  I'd stay away from them.  Most likely, they are imported.

Etsy has condoned it.  Why?  Importers bring in a great deal of money for Etsy.  That might be part of it.  Maybe they made a mistake and didn't screen enough stores?  Maybe.  Maybe they are just tired of dealing with all the complaints?  Maybe.  All of the above?  Maybe. 

I've been letting many of my items expire in my store.  I'm tired of paying the relisting fees to Etsy when I have to compete against the importers.  I'll probably keep a small presence on Etsy, but I don't think I'll keep as many products in my store as before.  I will also be offering a diverse product line from soaps to jewelry to handmade glass beads.  What's a girl to do?  I'm tired of it.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

To me this is just a sad sign of the times, Mallory. Everyone wants the "best" price, whether they are buying a t-shirt or a car, never mind looking for a connection to the maker. Guess it was just a matter of time before Etsy fell victim to their own success. I still buy there but only from vendors I "know" via blogging. It is a shame for the buyers who THINK they are getting something unique. You get what you pay for. Always have... always will.

Islandgirl said...

Etsy police removed that treasury... That type of treasury won't go away though with 9000 identical necklaces coming up on bubble necklace search... I don't see handmade. My store is slowly dieing too... I have about 16 items some are new... can't really be bothered when I'm competing with shluck like that!

TesoriTrovati said...

Wow. That treasury says it all, doesn't it? I have been migrating away from Etsy as well. I am going to be ordering some cards to tuck into all my Etsy orders to direct them to my revamped website ( I am going to only have the custom made to order Simple Truths there, and leave only the one-offs and samples at Etsy. It makes me sad every time I see these sort of posts that Etsy just doesn't get it. They have strayed too far from their original path lured by the promise of quick money from so many resellers. Thank you for your insights, Miss Mallory. Much to think about. Enjoy the day. Erin