Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why I like Bead Artists Who Really Make Their Own Beads, in other words, BUY TRULY HANDMADE THIS SEASON! Part 2!

You're going to love the artists featured today!

Manuela's art only seems to get better and better!  I love this bead!

To find the Cheeky Angel,

To visit Manuela's store

To visit Manuela's blog

There is some amazing work to see in Manuela's shop!  Wow!  I'm a Manuela groupie!

Donna from Prima Donna Beads made this amazing bead!

For the link to this bead

For the link to Donna's etsy store

Donna is also the owner of the The Mandrel.

For that link

For Donna's blog and website:

From Irene of Flame Kissed Glass.


For the link to this set of beads

For the link to Flame Kissed Glass

Irene also makes some 
AMAZING bead release.
For the link to that bead release

Aren't these artists AMAZING?  Wow!  Like I said, no factory made here.  It's only handmade!

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Manuela said...

Thank you so much my dearest Mallory, you are such a sunshine to us ♥♥♥