Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thank you all for this past year!!! Here's a free, easy peasy fiber bead tutorial to say: THANK YOU!

Fiber beads are quick and easy to make.
They make great beads for earrings because they are very lightweight.
Not, only that, you can make them look plain and simple or very elegant.
Here's how.
Here's what you need.


4" craft wire cut into two 2 inch pieces
round nose or rosary pliers
nylon jaw pliers
wire cutters
2 yards yarn cut into one yard segments
clear tacky glue


1) Using your nylon jaw pliers, straighten your wire before cutting it.

2)  Cut your wire into 2 pieces of wire 2" long.

3) Make two eye pins with your wire.

4) Cut the fiber into two lengths of 1 yard each.  If you use fabric, you would probably use less in terms of yardage.

5) Add a small drop of glue to your wire.

6) Make a small tail on your wire and wrap the fiber over and around the tail covering the glue.

7)  Going up and down the wire, wrap your fiber on the wire.

8)  Add a small drop of glue to the tail of the fiber to hold it in place.

9) Let the glue dry.

10)  Add ear wires for earrings or make more beads for a necklace or bracelet.

Easy Peasy!!!