Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Easy Peasy Rolled Polymer Clay Bead Tutorial

I was watching a tutorial on You Tube on how to make a paper bead.
The beads were beautiful and easy to make.
All of a sudden,
I realized that this technique would probably translate easily into polymer clay.
Here are the results.
Here's what you need to make these rolled beads.

pasta machine
small bamboo skewer or mandrel
polymer clay
acrylic roller (maybe)

Condition polymer clay in the pasta machine.

Using your pasta machine, roll out clay on a medium setting.  I use an Atlas machine.  For me, that setting is either a 4 or a 5.  I like 5 the best for this bead.

Cut a rectangular sheet of polymer clay about 3- 4 inches long and 3-4 inches wide.

Using your blade, begin by cutting a long triangle of clay from the top to the bottom of your piece of clay.  I can usually get 3-4 pieces of clay for rolling this way.  How many pieces of clay you get is determined by the bottom width of the triangle. 
The smallest width of your triangle can simply be a point at the top.

Separate the triangles.

Lay out your first triangle with the larger end near you.
Place your bamboo skewer on top of the large end of clay.
Begin to roll your clay starting at the bottom. 

When you have finished rolling your clay, gently press the top of your triangle to the rolled bead so that it doesn’t pull apart.

 Remove the bead from the skewer.
 Bake according to manufacturer’s directions for one hour.  I cover my beads up with a sheet of aluminum foil so that they don't burn.

Let your beads cool.  They will harden up when they are cooled.When your beads have cooled, you can add a patina to your beads and a sealant.  

I love the look of these beads!

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Debbie said...

Great idea ! I have made paper beads in the past and this just makes sense ! I have everything needed so will give it a try ! Thanks for sharing. :)