Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's Time! It's Here. The First Reveal of Jeannie Dukic's Echo Creative Club, and I am on the Team Chosen for the First Reveal!

So, guess who forgot to take before pictures?  "Yes," she said, "Shuffling her feet.  I did."
However, when you see the piece I designed for this reveal, you'll see some beautiful rose colored polymer clay beads.  Those are the beads I received when I traded with Jeannie for this reveal.  They are beautiful!  They are also my favorite color!!!

The reveals for Jeannie's Echo Creative Club begin each year, in January.  I was privileged to be chosen to participate as a designer this year.  How awesome is that?   I was thrilled to find out that I would be part of the team that reveals in January!   WHEW!!!!!  Before we get started, I want to share some links with you so that I don't forget later.

Here's a link to Jeannie's blog:  Click HERE 
(I think you'll really enjoy it if when you read her blog.  I am amazed at her incredible energy!)

Here's a link to Jeannie's jewelry site: Click HERE
(I know you'll love what you see!)

Now, one more special treat for this reveal! Christine Stonefield is also going to be a part of this reveal.  You can find her blog HERE!  (She took before pictures!  Oooooops!)  So make sure that you get to her blog, too!  You will love her blog!

Now, the time has arrived for the reveal!  Drum Roll, please!!!!

I designed this bracelet using the rose colored beads from Jeannie.  Since I like sparklies, I knew this bracelet had to have some sparklies.  I also like "easy on" at my age.  I decided to make this bracelet an "easy on" bracelet with  Memory Wire.  I chose the oval shaped memory wire.  That's fun, and it's a little bit different.  So, are you ready?  Here goes.

 "Not Rose Colored Glasses, but a Rose Colored Bracelet."

I am thrilled with this bracelet!
I plan to donate this bracelet to 

Thank you, Jeannie for allowing me to participate!

Now, all of you, off to check out Christine's blog and Jeannie's, too!

Thank you for stopping by!


Christine said...

Mallory, I love your bracelet - it's so colorful and fun!! That's such a great idea donating it to Beads of Courage!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for joining me this year Mallory