Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Word: Joy

It's popular to choose a word on which you can focus at the start of the year, a mantra, so to speak.  For the past couple of years, I have chosen:  Hope.  I decided this year, I am focusing on more than hope.  I'm going to focus on having more joy in my life and being a source of joy to others.  I am hoping to recognize sources of joy for me.  I am hoping to feel more joy in my life.  I am going to look for more opportunities to develop joy in my life.  I'm going to focus on things and activities that bring me joy. 

For example, a nice walk on a warm winter's day will bring me joy.  
Working with glass gives me joy.  
Taking pictures gives me joy.  
Learning a new skill gives me joy, especially if it's creative.    
Dancing and singing give me joy.  
Having lunch with friends is a joyful experience.  
Video chatting with family and friends gives me great joy.  
Sleeping in on a cold, snowy day brings me great joy!

I want to share my joy with others. I want to make sure that others have a reason to smile when we are together, whether it's a chance encounter at the grocery store or chatting with an online friend. 

Joy is spontaneous.
Joy is contagious.
Joy is courageous.
Joy is laughter.
Joy is sharing.
Joy is now.
Joy is ...

You fill in the rest.  What does joy mean to you?  What is your word for the year?


TesoriTrovati said...

You are a joy. And it will be fun to see what this new year brings. EnJOY the day! Erin

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Joy is sometimes hidden! Mallory, this past October I (finally) had business cards made... which is somewhat amusing as I don't yet have a business. :) It was for the Art Charm Swap. I had printed on them: "Joyfully creating in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada". It was a rather odd and spontaneous declaration, as I was feeling decidedly UNjoyful at that time. Now every time I see those little cards, I am reminded of how fulfilling it was to create my little charms and finally the JOY I felt in sharing for such a wonderful cause. So while I haven't chosen a word, I am trying to let JOY lead the way this year!