Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So, I Joined a Popular Exchange on Lampworketc, and Accidentally put Myself into 2 Groups!

The idea behind "You Pick," which is now in it's 14th run,
is for each person to submit a photo and the rest of the people in the group draw inspiration from that photo and make a bead.
There are usually 16 people in a group, 
so, unless you make yourself a bead,
you make 15 beads for other people.
You receive 15 beads from your group.
Well, I accidentally signed up for two groups this time.
So, I will be making more beads than I expected.
However, this is a fun exchange.
It helps to inspire and develop creativity.
I am in both Group 1 and Group 3.
There are 16 people in Group 1 and 13 people in Group 3.
So, that's 29 beads to make, and I had better get started.
Here are the photos I am going to be inspired by this time.

Group 1

Group 3

This is going to be fun!

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