Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Hedgehog a day Keeps the Blues Away! Unless that Hedgie is blue, of Course, Then, it's all right!

If you tell me that you don't like Hedgehogs, I would have a very hard time believing you!  I love these sweet little critters!  They translate beautifully into polymer clay!  That's another reason I like them.

This little hedgie that makes me smile is Flora.
She's in my Etsy Shop right now.  The link will take you directly to Flora.

She is a cutie, isn't she?  She helps me to chase away the blues.  I like her.

This hedgie is Appleado.  He reminds me of a sweet, red apple.  Appleado is adorable.  He's not listed yet, but he will be soon!  If you would like him before I list him, please leave a comment along with a way to contact you.  I'd be happy to send him off to you.

 This little headge hog is named, Trona.  Trona loves to sit by the computer and watch you.  Trona will keep you company when ever you need her.  She can be worn as a bead or used as a small sculpture sitting nearby.  I will be listing Trona very soon.  Again, if you would like Trona before she's listed, leave a comment for me and a way to contact you, and I'll be in touch very soon.

What if a hedge hog is blue?  You'll still smile when you see this one!  No matter what the color, hedge hogs make me smile.  I think I'll name this beautiful hedge hog Humility.  Do you like her name?  She'll be in the store soon.  Just wait.

I'd like you to meet Spring.  She's another hedge hog that makes me smile.  Like I said before, all hedgehogs make me smile!  Spring is full of blooming flowers.  She, too, will be available soon in my Etsy Store.  Do you want an early Spring?  I do, too, but I mean this beautiful Hedge hog.  Let me know. 

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