Saturday, December 20, 2014

Listing Saturday:: Guest Blogger, Pixie Marie:: What I Want for Xmas

1) Food

2) Treats

3) More Food

4) More treats

5) For Kitties to let me sleep on my couch

6) For Kitties to not scare me

7) For Kitties to agree I'm boss

8) For Kitties not to eat my food

9) For Kitties to give me their food

10) I want Kitties to go home!

11) I'm so tired.  I need a nap.

12) For someone to tell Kitties to get off my couch.

13) For Kitties to get off of my pillow on the floor.  It's my bed!

14) For Kitties to stay away from my treat.

15) For Kitties to go to sleep.

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