Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A week From Wednesday is Christmas Eve! OH! MY! GOODNESS!

Advent is almost at an end.  There just isn't enough time!  I really want to catch my breath!  The good thing is I thought today was tomorrow, and it's not, so I have one extra day!

Time to make lists, I guess. 

Does it matter?  I probably won't get everything finished. 


1)  Breathe

2) Pray

3) Laugh

4) Do Not Cry

5) Stop

Things will happen as they will.  There are so many things I cannot control like the passage of time.  The passage of time has caught me unprepared.  Will there be less fun?  I don't know.  For me the important things of Christmas will be::

1) Midnight Mass

2) Family

3) Weather permitting, lighting luminarios in the driveway to lead the Christ child to our home

4) Eating our traditional dinner

5) Gathering around the tree to open our presents

6) Making memories

7) Taking pictures

These are my priorities.  Let the rest fall where they may.  I look forward to the holidays, not the holidaze. 

I am part Grinch, but the time for Grinchiness is almost over.  I think I should have been more Grinchy this year.  Focus on the New Born Babe, and it's okay to be a Grinch.

How's that for a segue?

This is a link to my latest article for Catholic365.com  It's called::

At least I think so! 

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