Monday, December 8, 2014

New Fun!!!!

Pom Poms!  Yes, you heard that correctly, Pom Poms and they are fun.

This pile of pom poms started out to be a garland for Christmas, however, there was change.  With a little twisting and turning, these pom poms, when attached to the crocheted cord became, and are you ready for this?  They became a scarf!

This was fun to wear at the GSR fine art show today.  Now, I'm going to make this scarf again, in different colors and make scarves for my Etsy store. 

I was sitting under a vent, and it was a bit cool.  When I put my scarf on, it was nice and warm.

The scarf is full of drama and fun!  How you drape the scarf distributes the pom poms and each drape gives you a different look.  Fun!

You can make these pom poms in any color or color combination that you like. 

Pom poms are easy to make.

Isn't this fun? 

Garland or scarf?  You get to decide.

Look for this soon in my Etsy store.

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