Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Christmas Wreath, Free Wreath Tutorial, Why I Love Pink, and 23 days until Christmas!!

Of course, it had to be pink!  This has been the year of the pink!  This is my Christmas wreath, and it hangs on the front door welcoming our guests for the holidays.

This particular wreath took me about ten minutes to make.  Here's how I did it.

Tutorial:  I bought a preformed wire wreath that had silver bits of tinsel hanging off the wires.  These helped to secure the different parts of the wreath.

I used about 12 yards of ribbon to wrap the wreath.  I had to make two cuts in the ribbon because I didn't cut enough the first time.  I secured the ribbon on to the base with the tinsel thingies on the base.

I added flowers and picks and secured them with the tinsel thingies on the wreath.  I pulled some of the thingies out to add a bit of glitter to the wreath. 

And it was done. 

Notice how it matches my hair?
Did I tell you that

If you click
you will find an article that explains the meaning of the Christmas Wreath.

23 Days until Christmas!


19 Days until the start of Winter. 

Why do I like pink?

Just, cuz I do!  


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