Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Made More Polymer Clay Beads, and...

they are all going with me to the show this weekend.

This is my Christmas Pickle.

Do you know the story of the Christmas Pickle?

I think this originated in Germany, and the tradition is now in the midwest.

A pickle is hidden in the Christmas tree.  The next morning, the first child to find the pickle will receive an extra gift from Santa.  (I'd sure like to be that child!)

These Koi pendants will be at the show, too.  I'm hoping my wrist will be strong enough so that I can add the jump rings. 

I'm sooooooo far behind right now.

These pendants/ornaments will also be at the show.  If you're going to be around, we will be at the Verizon Center Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Thanks for looking.  I'll be reviving my Esty store after this show.  You might see them there, too!

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