Friday, April 3, 2015

Today is Good Friday

This is the day that we Christians, around the world, celebrate and remember the death of
on the cross.

It is the second day of the Triduum.
The Triduum is the celebration of the last supper, the death of Jesus, and His glorious Resurection
on three separate days.
These days are the High, Holy Days of the Church.

The Catholic Church I attend has what I have labeled
"The Amazing Walk."
We walk around town praying the rosary and praying the stations of the cross.

This year, I whimped out.
I decided that since this walk was not a requirement of the Church.
(It's about 4 miles.)
And the temperature was 32 with a slight breeze,
it was just too cold for me this year.

I'm sorry to miss it, 
but my nap was nice, and I'm warm.

I will pick some of the walkers up soon.
So, I am still, sort of, kind of, participating.

I will attend Good Friday Services at 3.

This year, I don't regret that decision.

God is good.

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