Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Worth Repeating: Look Who I Met!

I've never met them before! I was amazed! Can you guess?

They are warm and fuzzy. They only have teeth on the bottom of their mouths. They don't spit often. They are very curious. On a cool morning, if you put your hands deep into their fiber, your hands will feel warm surrounded by their luxurious hair.

Their name? Alpaca.

Now, I don't remember the others' names, but I do know his. His name is Buck. Buck is very shy. He didn't like if picture being taken. He avoided my camera every time he saw it in my hand. He's a gorgeous creature, and the feel of his hair is amazing! Buck is 2 years old. Of the 3 alpacas I met, he was the oldest.

 This little guy is a year old. He was not as shy as Buck. He was very curious. Now, when you look at that face, what do you see? I see a great bead! I'm going to have to try that out. His fur felt wonderful! 

This little female was as sweet as could be. She didn't like to be touched on the head, but I was able to dig my hands into her delicious hair. It was so warm and soft!

Other little bits about these wonderful alpacas are that they bleet very much like a lamb. When I returned their greeting, they simply looked at me. I thought I was communicating, but I guess that I wasn't. They didn't "speak" to me. The two younger alpacas are one year old. I'm not sure I'd like to own one, but I enjoyed meeting these critters.


Sharon Driscoll said...

How wonderful to feel an Alpaca. They seem like friendly animals...I love a good adventure.

rosebud101 said...

They were lovely, and friendly, maybe a little bit shy, but they were sweet.