Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Worth Revisiting Wednesday:: When we start to think the worst..

It's cold here. I mean, it's really cold. The longest night of the year is almost here. People are rushed and tired. Christmas is so close now. I just realized it's 9, count them, 9 days away. I decided that tonight I would blog. I decided that I would make a comment about another blog. I tried to log in. The message said, "user name and password don't match." I tried again. I tried again. I tried again. I thought, "Someone has hacked into my blog!" It didn't make any sense, but it was the only explanation. I tried to change my password. My worst fear was becoming a reality. An email had been sent to my gmail account. I don't have a gmail account. Why would anyone want to hack into my blog? Nothing had changed. Nothing had been edited. My password was considered strong. I began to think the worst. I knew I had to check on accounts to see if any had been hacked into. I tried the help center. No help. I tried to see if there was contact information. None. Why would anyone want to hack into my account? I decided to try one last time. The information asked me for my email address. My email address? Was that what I was supposed to log in with to my blog? Oooooooooooooooooooooops! I guess that I wasn't signing in correctly. I'm sure glad that no one can see my face. It's really quite red right now. I did log in with my email address. It worked.
Oh, well, goodbye and good night. I'll be back to blog another day.

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