Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Do You Doodle?

Apparently, I do doodle.
I hadn't realized that I doodle until I saw this envelope.
I used the envelope to write down information, but I also made some geometric scratchings.

Researchers are still torn on the positive effects of doodling, if any.

Some researchers say that doodling helps people stay focused, grasp new information, and that doodling helps them to retain what they have learned.

That makes sense to me.
I was getting information from a phone call when I doodled on this envelope.

I remembered the information without much effort.

My doodling isn't the work of art that many other people manage to make.
My doodles look more like a disembodied caterpillar trying work it's way out of old skin into new or black and white colors and shapes.

There's nothing great about my doodles, but, if doodling helps my brain to stay functional and active, then, by golly, we are doing good!

So, I'll ask you again,
do you doodle?

1 comment:

Shaiha said...

I don't tend to doodle but I will jot down I am saying. Not every but a word or number here and there. Oh and since I work on the phones, I always write down their name & the phone they are calling from.