Monday, May 9, 2016

Battle with a bird!

Early morning is my favorite time of day.  The light is soft.  The noises are few.  The energy in the air is low. 
It's a sleepy time of day, too.
I like to sit in my woman cave and watch the world.
The Cardinals fly together and land in the yard.
The robins are walking and stopping so that they won't be seen.
Wait!  Those birds are eating my newly planted grass seed.
I step out of the garage and wave my arms to chase the birds away from the grass seed.
They all fly away except for one bird.
She charges at me on the ground hoping to chase me into the house.
I take a step towards her.
She chirps at me.
She isn't about to be stopped.
I wave my arms to scare her, and she chirps at me again.
Ok.  Ok.  This time you win, bird
I sit back down at the table in my woman cave.
I do have to chuckle.  That little bird took me on and defended her territory.
She finally flies away, and I go out to reseed the area she claimed.
I wonder if grass will grow here.
I might have to chirp back at the little robin.  
I'll bet she thinks she's tough.
Well, she is!
She won that battle.
I hope I win the next one!

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