Monday, May 2, 2016

Found Poetry

I think I'm hooked now.
Since I was in the angst of my teen years, 
I have written volumes of poetry.
I used up many journals, as a child, tween, and teen, filled with the sorrows of unrequited love
what will I become when I grow up.
 Then, as I rammed into adulthood,
I wrote more.
Thank heavens I don't know where those journals are now.
I can only assume they are in a garbage dump somewhere.
Thank heavens.
I've always wanted to try
Art Journaling.
I'm not very good at drawing.
I usually use stick figures,
then I see the many beautiful
works of art created by
Art Journalists.

This is fun!
It's a combination of writing and art.
A little research taught me that this is only one kind of found poetry.
With other kinds, you cut out words and letters, glue them on to paper, and write your poetry.
I'm sure there are more ways.
Do you art journal?
Do you write Found Poetry?

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