Thursday, May 5, 2016

Let's Talk a Litte Bit More about Crackles!

 Cornstarch Technique

 I'll tell you about this technique.
I think I did most of it correctly, but I made a couple of mistakes.

I conditioned a small bit of white polymer clay.
I covered the clay with modge podge and then coated the clay with corn starch.
I waited for it to completely dry.
 Then I added paint.
After the paint dried, 
 I ran the piece through the pasta machine,
one time too many.  Although I like the result, I wanted to achieve a larger crackle on the clay.

See what I mean?
The crackle was lost in the pasta machine.

This was by far the easiest crackle effect to make.
I painted a bit of white clay with turquoise paint.
When the paint dried,
I added 
It's available in most hobby stores.

I let the paint dry.
I ran the piece through the pasta machine.
I like the crackles here.

Another Cornstarch Technique

I conditioned my white clay.
I painted the clay with blue paint.
I let it dry.
I added a thick layer of modge podge.
I covered the modge podge with a layer of corn starch.
Of course, I let it dry. 
When dry, you could see the crackles that had formed. 
I ran the clay through the pasta machine.

I ran the clay through the pasta machine.
The crackles are different, but
I like them.

Which crackle techniques do you like?

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